Great News!

Final Approval Granted To Build House In Trafalgar

Our God is an AWESOME God! His timing is perfect. He hears prayers and He answers them. On Monday night, December 14th, 2015, Angelcare received the final approval to build the house in Trafalgar! Thank you Jesus!

But wait, there's more! Rita Norwood also received even more awesome good news on a personal level. She had a PET scan last Friday, and her doctor told her that she is CANCER FREE! We praise God and give Him all the glory for this answer to so many prayers.

Rita will still have treatment to build her body and strength back up. She thanks you all for your prayers and asks you to thank the Lord as you continue to pray for her recovery.

Mother & Daughter Tea & Fashion Show

Angelcare is hosting a Mother and Daughter Tea and Fashion Show from 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. on Saturday, January 30th at Fair Haven Christian Church, Franklin. Models range in age from infant to 17.  Adult tickets are $10; children, $3; and under age three, free.  Models are in competition to see who can sell the most tickets.This is a FUNdraiser to benefit construction of Angelcare's home for young women with unplanned pregnancies. For details on this event or ticket purchase please contact : Yadi Garcia ( or Lesley Sevcik (

Moving Forward!

Be a part of something great.

Take a look at what has been happening as we raise funds to make the Angelcare dream become a reality! These images are just a small representation of the many generous people and organizations that are partnering with us.

Welcome to Angelcare

Compassion brings hope and a future.

Even if you are not ready to become a parent for any reason, your child is ready to live. The choice now is to determine the best plan for you and the life of your baby.

Angelcare is dedicated to providing for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of young pregnant women.

Each expecting mother will be provided reliable information and resources to assist her in her decision to raise her child or place the child for adoption. The ultimate goal of Angelcare is to save the lives of both the mother and the baby and to prepare them for a bright future.

"It is not enough to oppose the killing of unborn children; we must also demonstrate the love of God in action by reaching out to girls who find themselves facing unplanned pregnancies without adequate resources of care." - Dr. James Dobson

Proposed Home

We are purchasing land in Trafalgar, Indiana. Plans for the Angelcare home have been thoughtfully designed to comfortably house up to twelve young expectant mothers and include living quarters for two house mothers.

Adoption Services

Angelcare Adoptions is a private agency that will aid in placing newborn babies in loving homes. Prospective couples will undergo a series of background checks and assessments to ensure each newborn is placed in the best environment possible. The expectant mother will make the final decision on placement and whether to have an open or closed adoption.